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Hi, I'm Carina Tucci

Wild Cut Designs is a dream project born from the passion that I have for unique gems and sustainable jewellery.

I am so excited to see my vision come to life, having developed it for nearly a decade. I have always wanted to create my own locally handmade jewellery collection using sustainably sourced gems to support artisanal miners and local jewellers in Australia.

I believe that we should all be able to enjoy the beauty of handcrafted pieces at affordable prices. Each Wild Cut creation is made-to-order just for you to minimise the footprint on the environment. No two gemstones set in our pieces are alike, ensuring that you can have a piece that is unique to you. Our ‘Collezione’ creations are made-to-order with hand-picked coloured gemstones to complement each design, infusing all our pieces with a bespoke feeling. Our diamond and plain bands can be made in any ring size, metal, and colour including, white, rose, yellow gold, and platinum



My story starts when I was just 17 and diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At the time, I was working in food and hospitality and enjoying the work. Coming from an Italian background, food is a very important part of my life. However, my body started to suffer after working long nights and 15-hour days, and I realised that my health could not sustain the demanding life of a chef.  A friend gave me a piece of Larimar stone and explained its crystal healing properties. I was told to keep the stone at my bedside, as it would ease the joint pain and make me feel better. This got me interested in all things related to crystals and spirituality. At this point I was 18 and faced with a decision about what path and passion I wanted to pursue in life.


A friend later gave me a life-changing suggestion to study crystals further, which pointed me in the direction of ‘Gemmology’. I had never heard of ‘Gemmology’ at the time and wanted to learn more. In 2008, I enrolled in the ‘Introduction to Gemmology’ course at the Gemmology Association of Australia (GAA), and for the first time in a long time I discovered a new passion, and became obsessed with learning about all things Gemmology.

The next year I packed my bags, left my huge Italian Familia behind in Melbourne, and moved by myself to Queensland to undertake my ‘Diploma in Gemmology’ course. 


I have had the opportunity to work in many facets of the jewellery industry, giving me a wide range of skills and talents that have helped me bring my dream to life. I have worked in many boutique jewellery stores, designing engagement rings, remodelling pre-loved jewellery and sourcing and finding unique and rare gemstones. This then led me to become a gemstones supplier and wholesaler, where I then travelled to international trade shows and saw some of the world’s most unique and rare gemstones. In 2016 my gorgeous nephew was born, and I decided it was time to move back to Melbourne so I can watch him grow up. I was also missing the family I had left behind when I first pursued my Gemmological dreams. I spent the following four years firstly working with one of Melbourne’s forefront diamond experts, then with the biggest Pearling Company in Australia, which opened my eyes to the world of luxury and fine jewellery. 


Like so many others, COVID-19 forced me to re-evaluate my priorities. I felt it was time to invest in my own business. The past year I have been growing my valuing and consulting business back from the ground up. I have worked with private clients to value their treasured items, estates to appraise jewellery collections, government agencies to assess the value of goods at customs, and consulted with private jewellery boutiques to train their staff to have a better understanding of diamonds and other gemstones.  


I sit back sometimes and think about how amazing nature is to produce incredible gemstones that then make their way to a jewellery shop for me to enjoy and salivate over! After all my years of education I know all the transformative steps in creating a gem, but I still am in awe. My particular passion is the forensics of gemmology – getting a piece of jewellery and working out the gem’s origins, treatments and their journey to my desk. 


My dream is to spend the next year or ten growing my baby ‘Wild Cut Designs’ into something that can be loved and adored by many, and I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me.

Since 2009 I have studied with many different associations all over the world to receive my qualifications, including a Diploma in Gemmology (GAA), Practical and Advanced Diamond Grading Certificates (GAA), Diploma in Diamond Technology (GAA), Diamond Foundation Course (DeBeers), Certified Pearl Specialist Qualifications (CPAA), Applied Jewellery Professional (GIA), Diamond and Diamond Grading (GIA), Certificate of Completion from Branko Dejanin in Identifying Mounted and Loose Synthetic Diamonds, Grading and Identification of coloured Diamonds (Advanced Diamond Academy) and Diamond Types: Explained (The Gem Academy). Along with my qualifications, I am also a financial member of the Great British Association (FGA) and American Gemological Institute (GIA), and I sit on the committee for both Victorian Gemmology and Valuing Committees, the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) and the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV).


My greatest achievement was becoming a registered ‘National Council of Jewellery Valuer’ and appraiser. This fulfilled my initial goal when I first embarked on my Gemmology journey, which is to be considered an industry expert and have the skills to value and appraise jewellery. 

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